Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Shopping Trip & Haul!

Hey girls!
Sorry for the lack of posts lately! This weekend I took a road trip with my friends to another city to go shopping and have a end of summer weekend of fun with my friends! If you live in Canada, I'm sure you would have heard of the West Edmonton Mall. It is a huge mall that has a amusment park, water park, submarine rides, ice palaces, and a sea animal show! Its a crazy big mall with over 300 stores in it as well! With that said, you could suspect that I was able to pick up alot of great things while I was there!
I had a great weekend with my friends and thought I would post some pics on here as kind of a vlog-type post. The pictures are not the greatest because they were taken on my phone, but I hope you enjoy!
I also filmed a haul on all the thing that I picked up this weekend. To see what I got watch the video below!

I hope you enjoyed this haul and all the pictures from this past weekend. Please don't forget to like, subscribe, and comment on Youtube! Also, feel free to leave me requests!!!
Have a great day!


  1. Holy cow, you bought a lot of stuff! I wish the UK had shopping centres like yours, ours are so boring!!


  2. looks like you had a great weekend! such a great mall! the bath and body works candles will be great for fall time!

    -ariel* xoxo


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