✰About Me

Hey! My name is Maria! I started this blog this past summer after my friend Ariel from chiclookxo.blogspot.com told me that I should make one. I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy blogging or not, but I am so glad I made one! I have been blogging since August, and I am loving it! My blog is a makeup, beauty and fashion blog. What I try to do is showcase all things about makeup and beauty, including makeup tutorials and how-to’s, product reviews, along with photos of products, and swatches. There will also be a lot of nail art tutorials, reviews and photos, along with hair and skin care! I love doing my nails and makeup, and I love keeping up with fashion trends!
I am not a professional, but I have spent many hours learning and watching my favorite gurus teach me on Youtube. I started this blog to share my love for beauty and fashion. I love reading blogs and learning about new products, skills, and techniques. I would love to have a career someday with fashion and beauty!
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Thanks so much, and I love you all :)