Sunday, 29 July 2012

DIY Makeup Brush Holder ❤

Hey Loves!
Lately I have really been into DIY's! I love doing crafty things, so today I have a post for a DIY makeup brush holder. I would always see these when I would go to Sephora and said every time I saw them that I want a brush holder like the ones they have for their brushes. So I went to my local dollar store and picked up some items to make one. The total cost for this was under $5 CDN! 

To make one of these brush holders all you will need is:
- A glass jar/ vase. Anything that you would want to keep your brushes in

- Vase filler, or any little clear plastic beads.

After picking up this cute vase, I review all the stickers on it and took the vase filler and poured it into the vase almost filling it up to the top.

And guess what? After that you are done! Just add your brushes into the vase and you now have a new makeup brush holder!

I love this because you can easily use and get to your brushes as well as having a chic brush holder.

I hope you girls like this DIY!
What do you use to keep your makeup brushes in?

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Braided Nail Art

Hey Beauties!
Sorry for the lack of post this past week, I am currently on vacation with my family.
The other day Cute Polish from YouTube uploaded a video on braided nails. I fell in live with this look, so I tried this out right away. It was a super easy look to create as soon as you get the hang of it! However this look did take me a while to do.

The nails that Cute Polish created turned out like this:

And the design I came up with is:

For this look, you only need 3 polishes. The ones I chose were:
- L.A. Colors in Electrified
- Maybelline New York Express Finish in Onyx Rush
- Maybelline New York Express Fibish in Racy Red
- Rimmel London Clear Base Coat
- China Glaze Fast Foreward Top Coat which I am LOVING right now!

I hope you all like this look and be sure check out the video tutorial to get the same look!

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Sunday, 15 July 2012

L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Tutorial

Hey girlies!
In my mid-summer haul post, I purchased L'oreal's Sublime Bronze Self Tanner. I do far have used this product twice on my face and have fallen in love with it!

This product says that it will leave you with a radiant and sun kissed glow with a 100% natural looking tan gradually. I don't want to start doing a review on this product quite yet, but I do want to explain how I applied this to my body.

For this tutorial I am going to show you how I apply this to the parts of my arms that did not get tanned by the sun.
This self tanner is colored, so you can see where you applied it, as well as it will give you an instant tan. However, this self tanner is also a luminous one so it leave a whole bunch of tiny glitters on your body.

Since I am a night showerer I will apply this tanner at night so there will be time to let it develop as well as for some of the glitters to rub off.

**This tanner will develop more over time so do not apply a bunch your first time to avoid looking orange.

To apply this, I first took a little amount into my palm or finger tips. I then will take a little amount with my other hand to apply this to my body.

Evenly run this into your skin, adding more tanner where you might need it. You will start seeing some color and glitter on your skin.

Once you have applied this to the area where you need the tanner, IMMEDIATELY once you are done to avoid orange and streaky hands. I have learned this from experience, trust me do not miss this step.

When I self tanned my face, I woke up in the morning with some streaks and a pretty tanned face. What I did to get a even looking tan, I started by lightly washing my face and as I did I would rub the tanner that begin to wash off back into my skin to even the tan. After padding my face dry I noticed the tan to be more even.

When I apply makeup to my face, I apply some concealer to my dark circles and any imperfections or blemishes I may have. I then apply a thin layer of foundation over my skin to even it out even more, then I will apply some bronzer and blush, then I will carry on with the rest of my makeup.

So far I am really liking this self tanner, and I defiantly will have a review on this in the near future.

My family and I am heading out to the lake for the next week, so I will still try to post as much as possible!
Hope you girls had a great weekend!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Tribal Print Nails!

Hi Beauties!
Today I am excited to post about the newest nail art design that I have come up with. I have always been in love with tribal prints, especially for this past year, and after seeing some images on Instagram of tribal print nails I decided to recreate them on myself!
I thought that these nails would be hard and take forever to do, but surprisingly they were not very hard at all!

To start off I'll post the picture from Instagram that inspired me:

And this is what I came up with:

The polishes that I used to create this look are:

- Maybelline Express Finish in Onyx Rush
- Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in White Tip
-NYC Long Wear in Kool Blue
- Wet 'n Wild Wild Shine in Tickled Pink
- L.A. Colors Art Deco Black Striper
- China Glaze Fast Foreward Top Coat

For the detailing I used my American Painter nail art brush and a toothpick.

I got many compliments from friends and many likes for these on Instagram, so I hope all you girls liked these just as much as I liked creating them!

Have a great day loves! :)

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Mid-Summer Face Makeup Haul!

Hey girls!
For the past couple of days where I live, we have been having a real heat wave! For me this means alot of soaking up the sun and working on my tan! I have been getting pretty drak with all this hot weather, so I thought I needed to go get some new face products so my skin coloring looks all equal. So here are the products that I got:

- L'oreal Sublime Bronze Luminous Bronzer Self-Tanning Lotion
- Wet 'n Wild Coloricon Bronzer
- NYC Smooth Skin Pressed Translucent Face Powder
- NYC Liquid Eyeliner

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have seen me asking about some good self tanners. Lately I have been looking into self tanners for my face and neck so that it can match the rest of my body without feeling the weight of makeup on. After doing some looking around on YouTube, I decided to pick this self tanner up. I can definately do a review or tutorial on this if you girls want!

While out, I also decided to pick up this huge Wet 'n Wild bronzer. I already like this bronzer because the color seems to match my skin really well. So I hope that it will be good!

I also picked up NYC's Liquid Eyeliner and Translucent Face Powder. These are not new items in my makeup bag, but I thought I might as well just post them in here as well! I love using this face powder because by the end of the day when my face is starting to look oily or shiny, I apply some of this mainly to my T-zone to make my face look more matte. I have been using this for a long time now, and still love it!

Have you tried any of these products before?

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Naked Palette Quick Look #3

Hey girls!
Today I have for you another Naked Palette quick look. This look is a look that I wear all the time in the day to either school, work, or just to go out. It is really easy to achieve and the light colors really brighten your eyes.

First what I do is mix Sin and Virgin together as apply this all over the lids of my eyes.
I will then take Darkhorse and Smog, mixing them together and applying that to the outer corners of my eyes.
Then I use a mixture of Naked and Virgin to blend the colors up to my brow bone.
For the inner corner of my eye, I used a champagne color shadow from one of my Rimmel palettes.
After that, I just apply my eyeliner and mascara as usual. And you're done!

Hope you enjoyed this look!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

DIY Glittery Nails

Hey girlies!
For the past couple of days I have been getting a lot of compliments on my nails that I did for my graduation. They are super easy to do and looks so girly!
If you also want to also get these nails then keep reading!

The first thing that you will need to achieve this look is  some fine glitter. I picked up some superfine glitter at my local dollar store for only $1 CDN.

You will also need some sheer and white polish to make the nails look more put together and make the glitter show up the best.
After applying a base coat, I took Maybelline New York in Snow Bunny, which is a sheer polish, and applied this to all my nails. 
Then I took a white polish, and using my finger, I just applied this to the top 3rd of my nails.
Now to get the glitter to stick to your nails, I took my top coat and applied this to the upper half/third of my nails. I waited a few seconds for the top coat to become sticky. Then I just picked up the glitter with a clean finger and padded this onto the clear polish. I also brought a lighter layer of glitter just under the first layer of glitter to fade it out.
Once you have applied all the glitter to your nails wait until they completely dry before applying your top coat. I found that I had to apply many layers of my top coat to get the glitter to not chip off and to make my nails feel smooth without the bumpy feeling of the glitter.
And thats all I did to get these super cute and girly nails!

I hope you enjoyed reading this DIY Glitter Nails, and I hope you also try this out because it is a super cute and easy look!
If you try it out, make sure to comment below so I can check yours out! Or tweet me at @simplychicxox :)

Have a great day! And Happy late Canada Day to all my Canadian Bloggers, and Happy early 4th of July to all my US Bloggers!