Sunday, 29 January 2012

Enter Chloe's Giveaway!

Hey Girls!
Chloe is hosting an adorable Valentine's Day giveaway on The Ramble Corner! It is sooo cute, def check it out and enter! :)

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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Beauty Blogger Tag

Hey Loves :)
I was tagged by a good friend Chloe from The Beauty Corner and Ariel from Chic Look xo efinitely check them out, she's one of my favourite bloggers!! :)

1. What are your favorite type of blog-post to write?
I really enjoy writing about nail art, mostly because I love doing my nails. I also love doing tags, like this one!

2. What are your favorite blogs to read?
I really like beauty and fashion blogs because it really keeps you up to date with everything fashion and beauty! J

3. How did you pick your blog name?
I choose Simply Chic xox because the thing that I do and love are pretty simple. It doesn’t always have to be something crazy that you do to get compliments, sometimes its that little simple things that get the most attention. I chose chic because I also love elegant and stylish fashion. J

4. Which beauty blogger is your inspiration?
So many! I get inspired by lots of different people,
5. Name one tip you've learned through another beauty blogger?
I've learn a lot about new products, and new ways to apply makeup and new fashion styles!

6. What made you make a blog?
I started blogging because my friend Ariel ( told me about her blog, and said I should make one too. I am really happy I did make a blog because blogging is so much fun.

7. Do you have a favorite blog post of yours?
I don’t have a favorite one, I love all the posts that I do! But if I had to choose I think that it would have been my pink Sephora makeup look. That one was really fun to put together!

8. Name on pro and one con of being a beauty blogger?
Pro: Making new friends and sharing your love of fashion and beauty with the world! I really can't think of a con either!

9. What advice would you give someone dealing with hate?
Ignore it! I've never recieved it myself, blogger's not really known for that I don't think. People who write hate mail or whatever are usually just jealous, so don’t even worry!

10. How long does it take you to write a blog post?
It really depends on the type of post, how much detail it needs, photos etc.

11. What other blogs apart from beauty do you like to read?
I love fashion and photography! It’s very interesting J

12. Who have you made friends with thorough blogging?
All the people I listed above and many more, its probably the best thing about blogging! I can now say I have friends all over the world!

13. How do you get the ideas for blog post?
I get inspired by many things, trying products, getting new clothes, seeing other people's posts, definitely youtube videos, and from my friends!

14. Who do you tag?

Thanks Chloe and Ariel for the Tag!

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

E.L.F Makeup Video!

Hey Girls :)
As promised, the e.l.f makeup tutorial video just was uploaded to Youtube! If you guys didn't check it out there you can see it here!
Enjoy! :)

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E.L.F Gold & Purple Eyeshadow & Palette Review

Hi Girls!

I am happy to say that my final exams ended this morning, so I now have time to catch up on my blog posts!
Today I have a gold & purple eyeshadow tutorial that is really quick and simple! I used my e.l.f 100 eyeshadow palette that I ordered around Christmas, and I have to say that I love the colors! :)
I also filmed this that I will be uploading later tonight onto Youtube, and when I do I will post the link so you girls can check it out!

The Makeup:

Eye Products Used:

e.l.f Shimmer Palette (primer)
e.l.f 100 Eyeyshadow Palette
e.l.f Black Cream Eyeliner
Maybelline XXL Mascara
Annabelle Eyeliner in 73 Black
EcoTools 1203 brush
I also wanted to do a quick review on e.l.f's 100 eyeshadow palette.
This palette has 100 different colors (as it says in the title haha), and each color is unique in its own way! There is a mixture of both matte and shimmer colors in this palette which makes it really handy when you are doing your makeup.
When I ordered this palette, My friend and I ordered it online, and it actually took a few, like 4 I think, weeks to come in! Which is a really long time concidering that it isn't that far to ship to where I live. To see the haul click here. When I ordered this it was only $10! Crazy right? I dont think I have seen a palette this cheap with this many colors!
The colors in the palette are very pigmented and are nice and smooth. As I was doing this look, I was thinking about how easy the colors were to apply and blend together! However, I did find that the shadows did have a wierd smell to them, which I found wierd.
All in all, I would recommend this palette to anyone! It is a very cheap buy for a very good product!
If you want to buy this I will leave the link to it below:
Have you bought this palette already? Let me know what your thoughts are on it :)

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Just A Update

Hi Loves!

I just wanted to update you all with my lack of posts lately! I wanted to do a post this weekend, but wasn't able to since studying has taken over lately! :(
I am in the middle of my 1st semester final exams, so my time has been spent on studying! However, my exams end Wednesday so I plan to have a new post Wednesday night, and a lot more to come after that!

I also saw this cute video on Youtube about how to get Barbie - Hair. I thought I would post it here for some tips :)

I can't wait to start making a bunch of posts in the near future!

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Stay Beautiful xo,

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Another Simple NOTW

Hi Loves!
I would like to say a big sorry for not posting in a week! My school final exams begin Thursday morning, so I have been preparing for them all this week. I would also appoligize in advance if I do not make another post until I have finished my exams. Wish me luck! :)

Anyways, I would like to do a nail post on my nails this week. When I began to do this design I thought it would turn out differently, but I am actually happy with how they turned out. I used a Gold Crackle Polish as tips with a nice sheer white coat over top, with added sparkles to the tips. :)

I could see this nail design worn to a wedding, or some formal event since they look very elegant. They look like they have gold flakes on them :)

Polishes Used:
♡ L.A. Colors: Lush Lavender
♡ Sally Hansen Crackle: Antigued Gold
♡ Maybelline: Snow Bunny
♡ L.A. Colors: Sassy Sparkle
♡ Sally Hansen Base & Top Coat

Next week my nail art won't be anything amazing since I am having my Graduation Pictures taken, so most likely I will just be rocking white tips :)

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Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Hi Loves!
Tonight I got a new post for you ~ My nail art for this week! I feel like I havn't posted nail art in a long time! Is that true or is it just me? Haha, Let me know if you want to see more nail art posts! :)
This week I used one of my favorite nail polish colors which is Red Velvet by e.l.f. I love this color so much and reminds me of Christmas :) I did a pretty simple design but have got a lot of complements on them at school! I also used Sassy Sparkle by L.A. Colors just to give some more sparkle to this look.
Here are some pics, tell me what you think :)

Do you like this weeks nail art?

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Friday, 6 January 2012

OOTN with Makeup & Jewelry ♡

Hello Lovelies!
Today i wanted to show you all my whole outfitpost. I've been in love with flowy tops lately I got this shirt for Christmas and love wearing it! I decided to pair this top with a circle scarf. Lately I've been in love with the bo-ho look! Today I also wore my hair up in a pony and wore it with a gold-brown smokey eye. I posted some pictures of my outfit, makeup, and jewerly...Hope you enjoy the pictures! :)

Top: Urban Planet
Pants: Lululemon Athletica
Scarf: Stitches
Earrings: Chanel
Bracelets: Given by Friends

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Lots of Love,

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

My 4 New Years Resolutions!

Hii Beauties!

Since It's January and everyone's making resolutions, I thought I'd give you all a list of ones that I think will be easy to stick to! I thought of 4: 2 "body resolutions" and 2 that are more personal, and these I dont want to break! :)

1. Use LOTS of Lotion
This might sound easy to do, or something that will be easy to stick to, but for some reason I never apply enough lotion to my body especially my hands and legs! This winter hasn't been as bad as other years, but my hands get sooo chapped with all the cold and dry weather! So Resolution # 1: Apply lotion religiously so I will not have to deal with hands that look like I just played a game of bloody nuckles!

2. Eat Clean
I have always been involved in sports, and I know that eating junk food all the time is not good! I dont eat junk food, but I want to make a resolution to eat clean and healthy way more than last year!Changing your diet is one of the biggest challenges when faced with improving your health, and this is a challenge I want to take. Eating clean is the practice of eating whole, natural foods such as fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and complex carbohydrates. It also means staying away from the junk that typically makes up the standard American diet. I have been a vegetarian for almost a year now, so I hope eating veggies will not be a challenge! So Resolution # 2: Eat Clean and feel great :)

3. Be Patient & Be a Listener
This is one of the 2 more "personal resolutions." I know last year that I wasnt always patient and didn't always listen to peoples needs. So this year I want to be a more patient person who will listen to my friends needs, or the needs of my family. I want to do things without having to be told to, and not always be nagging at people to get the things I want. So Resolutions # 3 Be a better and more patient me! :)

4. Live Each Day Like It's Your Last
Not too long ago, I just finished reading a novel about a girl who one night died in a car crash. It really got me thinking that you will never know when your last day might be. So this year I really want to live each day like it may be my last. I think that this should be everyones resolution this year. With all this talk about the world ending in 2012, which I do not believe it will, but I do want to live each of my days not regreting anything, and living it like it may be my last one. So my final Resolutions: Live each of my days to the fullest, and never regret anything!

What are your resolutions for 2012??

Lots of Love,

DIY: Removing Glitter Polish

Hey Girlies!
Tonight I was trying to remove my glitter polish that I used for New Years Eve, and it wasnt coming off! I literally scrubbed one nail for probably 5 minutes to try to remove it! So I searched some ways on how to remove glitter polish, and I thought I would also share this way that I found with you!
If you're anything like me and love glitter polish then you know how difficult it can be to remove it and it can be a HUGE pain.
So if you are having a hard time removing glitter polish, follow these steps for easy removal!

What You Need:
Nail polish remover or acetone. Preferably a nail polish remover with acetone in it
Cotton pads
 Towel or napkin since it is easy to make a mess
Tin Foil

The steps are super easy:
1.  Drench the cotton pads with the nail polish remover
2. Place the pads onto your nails and put the tin foil onto your fingers, wrapping it over your nails, to hold the cotton pads in place, and press down firmly.
If you press super hard onto the nails with everything on it will soak right up.
3. Leave it on for about 10 mins and when you take the tin foil off almost everything is gone!
If there is anything left over it it usually super easy to wipe off!

Hope this helps you out if you are having trouble with glitter polishes!

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