Saturday, 16 June 2012

Naked Palette Quick Look #2

Hey girls!
Today I have another Naked Palette Quick Look for you. This one is a lighter look that is great look for daytime. I only used a combination of 4 basic colors, so this is a super easy look to recreate!

To get this look:
I first took Virgin and Sin, mixing them together and applying that as a wash to my whole lid. After applying that I took Naked and Buck, mixing those together as applying them to my outer corner and blending it into my crease. I blended the colors on my lid, applied my mascara and eyeliner and you're done!

It's super quick and simple to achieve this look!

I hope you enjoyed this quick look!


  1. very pretty! I love that the naked palette creates a ton of different looks!

    -ariel* xoxo

  2. Pretty perfect for summer =)

  3. I love the eyeliner! Perfect for a night out


Thanks so much for your comment! Mwah♡