Thursday, 24 May 2012

Glossy Neutral Lips ♡

Hey Girls!
With summer fast approaching, one thing that I know is great for summer are neutral lips. I love the look of light colored/ nude lips for summer time as well as wearing my lips glossy too. Today I have another YouTube tutorial on how I wear my neutral glossy ways -- one really pale, and one with a pinkish color to them!

The trick I use to get a nice neutral/ nude lip is to start out with a good base to your lips. I use a combination of concealers to get the desired shade that I want. After I blend that into my lips, I start adding the gloss or color to my lips that I want to wear that day.

When you apply the concealer to your lips, it looks kinda scary but thats what I find works for me!

For the full tutorial click the video below! :)

Do you like nude lips? Will you be wearing them this summer?


  1. both of these lip looks are so pretty, I like to use a little bit of concealer as well for a nude lip. it makes a great base!

    -ariel* xoxo

  2. lovely! I love a nude lip all year round! you look so tanned! xo

  3. Thanks girls! :)
    And yea Chloe Ive been tanning alot lately! Getting ready for summer :)



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