Monday, 19 March 2012

Spring Wishlist #2 - Shoes!

Happy First Day of Spring Girls! Well early - but spring starts tomorrow! Im exicted, even though we are getting a snow storm tonight, I will still be pulling out all my bright spring colors!

Today I have another Wishlist post!
Chloe started with these wish list posts, which inspired me to start them, so I def want all you to check out Chloe's wishlists! She has posted more than me so def check those out!: 

Anyway, today's wishlist is Spring/ Summer shoes.
You'll notice there are a lot of heels in here. Most of the time in spring or summer I dont wear heels since I spend my time out and about outside so heels just aren't that appropriate, but I love to wear heels (mainly because I'm a shorty :P) so I have posted alot here!

So let's get to it! :)
Aldo - Calcagni
Aldo - Calcagni
I am in love with this style of shoes! They are perfect for spring not only because of the color, but they are also close toed so if it is cool your toes wont be showing. I love the colors!

Aldo - Sawicki 
This is such a cute heel. I love how you can see through the sides of the heel, and the buckle on the top of the heels give it such a unique look!

Call it Spring - Bratchett
How cute right!? I think these are the perfect shoe for a garden party type thing or any spring lunch! I love how the flower on the heel gives it such a girlie and dressy look. Def one of my faves!

Call it Spring - Poinsette
Floral patterns are perfect for spring, and these definately say spring all over them! I am really loving the wedges, as you can tell haha. I just think this is a super cute spring shoe!

Call it Spring- Geise
 Pastel colors are in this season, and this color really stood out to me. I love it and think that it is a really refreshing and nice color!

Now to the flats and sandles!

Call it Spring - Cascioli
These sandles are just screaming summer all over them! I love how they have so many colors, and they all go well together! These are super lightweight, meaning they would be perfect for the hot summer days and nights :)

Call it Spring - Findling
These look almost the same as the ones above, however I love the braided details and the little studded things! I also love how there is only one band of color, it gives a nice pop of color to the shoe!

Call it Spring - Pethtel
Last, but no least, Flats! These have the same kind of pattern as the wedges above, and I like these for the same reason. Floral patterns are perfect for spring, and these are another shoe that says spring all over them! I just think this is a super cute spring shoe!
And thats all! Which one is your favorite?
Got a request to see a certain wishlist post next? Comment below and let me know :)


  1. Replies
    1. I love them too! And so many wedges are so comfortable too!

  2. amazing collection of shoes..Do you have all of them??:)

    1. No! I wish I did though! This is just my wishlist!

  3. WOW I love the first two shoes. Great picks.

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  5. very pretty picks! great colours! i love wedges!


  6. I Love your picks! The neon & leopard ones are my fav



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