Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Color Me Coral NOTW

Hi Loves!
Today I have another spring nail art post! This color is a really nice bring color that just makes reminds me so much of warm weather! This is another Sally Hansen Polish from their Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Collection. It's in the color Coral Reef.
This is a fun coral color with a creamy looking finish. I decided to add some small dots to my nails to create a spring-like effect to the nails :)
The color does appear sort of orange-y in these pictures, but it is def a coral color!

I absolutely love this color and I know I will be wearing it lots this spring/summer! It's such a nice and fun color!

What is your favorite spring color polish this season??


  1. this is so pretty! love this colour! so true, totally reminds me of warmer weather!

    +haha, yes I watched macbarbie07's video right after you left the comment! I've heard her talk about that colour before and it has always been one of my have spring/summer colours! she's in my top favourite youtubers!


  2. Thanks! And yea thats why I love it! haha.
    That color is such a nice color I can see why she always talks about it! She is one of my fav youtubers as well! :)


  3. Very pretty color and cute desing.

  4. Love the colour! :)
    Kelly xx.

  5. Ciao! I like your blog,it's interesting! I follow you! Ciao from Milano ;)Paolo

  6. gorgeous nails :)
    I like lots of colours and this coral defo suits you
    <3 :D

  7. LOOOOVE this! I definitely wanna try this! :) xx

  8. as i mention on twitter i love it


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