Sunday, 27 November 2011

Winter TAG!

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Hey girls! Today is the first week of advent, which means 4 more weeks until Christmas! Boy the time just flew by. To get into the winter season, maybabytumbler from Youtube did a Random Winter Question Tag. Tags are always fun to do. Hope you like it!

1. What item of clothing do you love to wear in winter but wouldn't be seen wearing it in public? This might seem odd, but Lulumeon Athletica short! I wear these all the time when I’m at home! Even though it gets really cold, I love wearing them because they are soo confortable! I also do track, so that could explain why I find them so comfortable.

2. Most wanted item for winter? I have been wanting these for a while now actually, Mukluk Boots. So many girls at my school wear them and they look super comfortable! Whenever I go to school I always wear clothes and boots that are comfortable, and these are a must have for me this season!

3. Favourite boots to wear in winter? Knitted Ugg Boots! I don’t know about you, but I think that these are the cutest boots that look good with any outfit! Whether you wear jean or sweat pants, they look good with anything :)
4. Are you a fan of UGG boots? Yes I am :) Like I just said in the above question, they are super cute and can be worm with practically anything!

5. What is your most worn item for winter? This would have to be a tie between Ugg Boots, Lululemon Athletica Pants, and oversized/ Grandpa Sweaters. Winter is a perfect time to dress in warm clothes and mix-and-match knits and holiday prints. I especially love the outfit of cute boots, leggings, and a cute oversized sweater :)


6. What is your favourite winter trend? I really am loving prints. Printed sweaters, shirts, even leggings, I’m loving them all. I am also loving furs (faux of course!), leathers, and anything with feathers!

  7. What is your typical winter day consisting of? Warning: Not very exciting haha! On Mondays to Fridays I wake up and get ready for school, go to school for the day then come home, go to track/ workout, then do any homework and or study for exams, check my computer and blog :), then do my ab workout, shower on odd days, and go to bed!

On the weekends I wake up, get ready for work, go to work, come home and do homework or anything for my blog, depending on the day but hang out with friends, come home and go to bed!

8. Cup of tea, hot chocolate, or coffee? I really love tea because there are so many different flavors of tea, but also because it helps my throat when its dry/sore. However, lately I have been loving the coffee my mom drinks! It is a mixture of French vanilla and medium roast beans. It tastes real great, and also give be energy throughout the day!

9. Do you like or dislike that it's starting to get dark? I’m torn between the two! I love how it stays dark until late morning, but I don’t like how it gets dark early! It always makes everything seem so much later than it actually is. I do love when the sun is out, and it is a nice sunny day and the sun makes the snow sparkle like there are diamonds in the snow, I love how that looks! So like I said I’m torn lol.

10. Christmas is coming, do you have any idea of what you want? Yep! I have already made a list :) I am planning on posting one as it gets closer to Christmas! I can’t wait :) haha.

Hope you enjoyed this tag! It was fun to do! I decided for this tag, that I tag everyone who reads this! I would love to hear your answers to these questions :) Send me the link to your post when you do this tag!

Happy Holidays girls


  1. Love this tag!! makes me all excited for Christmas...mainly because I get to get snuggy in my cosy jumpers and cute shorts (yeah...I do that too haha)

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. Love this tag! maybe i'll do this myself:)Love your new blog background too!


  3. Great responses! I love tea!!! So many wonderful flavors, good for you and hardly any calories. :D

  4. This tag was really fun! I would love to hear you girls do it :)
    Kim your right! Tea has so many great flavors for so few calories :)
    I also just made a twitter! Follow me? :)!/simplychicxox

    Lots of Love,

  5. I agree there is nothing cuter than knitted Uggs and I like tea too *Hi 5* :D

  6. I love this!!
    Most of the things you picked for these questions are exactly what I would have answered with!!
    Love my lulu shorts and uggs :)

    -Sydney xo


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