Saturday, 19 November 2011

Winter Must-Haves!

Hey Girls!
Winter has hit our city hard this past week with tonight’s overnight temperatures expected to reach -27 ̊ C! Crazy eh?

However, all the snow has really got me into the Christmas mood! I have already downloaded Christmas songs for my iPod! With one of the most anticipated holidays not too far away, I thought it would be good to make a winter must-have list. Here I have listed all the clothes, shoes, and accessories that I would like to get this coming season!

During winter, boots are my most commonly worn footwear. I love them and they are so comfortable! Boots can be matched up and look good with just about every winter outfit. This winter I am really loving military-like, Faux-Fur, and Boho-looking boots. The pictures above show some boots that I am loving right now. My sister actually has the top middle brown pair (and I love stealing them from her and wearing them :) haha)
Platform Heels
At this time of year, especially as it's the holiday season, is the best time of year to buy a pair of platform heels. When I look for heels, I especially look for ones that will make my friends say “Wow!” They're perfect for all the Christmas and New Year parties, and I am sure all of you will be going to one!
Above are some pictures of the types of heel I am loving! The top left gold sparkly ones I am planning on buying for our Winter Formal!
Winter is the perfect time of the year to pull out all your chunky knitts, berets, scarves, and moose/deer prints! I loves wearing these things in winter. Another thing that is really big now is feathers. I love wearing feather earrings, and I also have a feather hair extension. Big gold bangles and rings are also nice for winter, since gold is a really festive color! Above are the accessories I am loving. The Louis Vuitton clutch is somthing my sister is going to get, but I love it alot!


 Above is a collage of clothes that I really am loving. Like I mentioned in my accessories, This time of year is the best time to wear oversized sweaters, leggings, with toques or earmuffs! Super cute :) Me and my friends like wearing these sweaters called Grandpa Sweaters. They are just oversized sweaters with old designs on them. The picture on the bottom row gives a pretty good idea of what they look like. Winter is alot a great time to dress up, spend time with family and friends, and drink some Hot Chocolate :)
There ya go! There is my winter must-have list!
What are your favorite winter outfits and styles? I would love to hear what they are! :)

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  2. Great post doll! I love to wear this weird printed scarfs and clothes in the winter too ! <3

  3. Love it! You're so creative ! :)

  4. Great pieces, I especially love the studded ankle boots

  5. You've picked some great items. Love the booties with the buckles and fur. I love leopard scarves, cashmere and military coats, and lots of sparkly things. :D

  6. Thanks Girls! It is very interesting to hear what other people love wearing! Everything that you have commented about I love too :)

    ♡M ♡

  7. Lots of lovely picks :) Seriously though, -27?! Oh my god!x


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