Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Hey Beauties! ♡ 
Today was just a beautiful fall day! Warm wind, sunny skies, what more could I ask for from fall weather? Look at this picture! So pretty right? It was taken of some beautiful fall trees from a house on my street!

To add to the beautiful day, today I have a outfit of the day and my nail art for the week for you girls! Lets get right into it!
First: OOTD
This is a look perfect for fall! I am wearing a long dress coat with a short pencil skirt, black tights, and black boot-heels. I love this outfit look, especially when colors get mixed! With my hair, all I did was French Braid it when damp, and left if over night. In the morning I took the braids out and it left me with wonderful waves! I do this with my hair all the time. It is way better for your hair than using heat on it all the time! For tips on healthy hair check out my post:

Some more pictures...

What is your favorite fall outfit or accessory?

Now to my NOTW:

I am really loving the design on my nails this time. I have got a lot of compliments on them, and so many people thought they were gel nails! Haha, but they are not. My nails have grown so much, and they are now supppeeerrr long! Its really crazy for me to look at them in pictures and think "wow those are actually my real nails!"

I used L.A Colors Nail Craze Polish in Green Tea for the green side swipes on my nail, I used just a basic black polish and a dotting tool to make the dots, and I used L.A. Colors Nail Craze Polish in Sassy Sparkle as a top coat, but also to add crazy sparkles to me nails!

I also have to mention, and I am super excited to say this, that on Saturday night The Michael Jackson Immortal World Tour by Cirque Du Soleil! I have always loved Cirque Du Soleil and Michael Jackson, and now that they are doing a tour together is just amazing! I cant wait to go! :)

Haha, Anyways, tell me what your favorite fall outfit or accessory is! :)

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Lots of love!


  1. Looove your hair/ outfit/ nails haha!

    The photos are so beautiful I love this time of year so much :)


  2. Love the nails AND the outfit! And I love fall, I wish we had the changing colors of leaves here in Miami. I don't have a favorite fall outfit, but anything involving knits is just perfect.

    xx Jessica

  3. Omg your nails are to die for! Do you have a tutorial on how you achieved that look?
    Love your coat btw XoXo!

  4. Your coat is fab girl! I'm loving all the different types of scarves that are coming out. They add that special touch to jackets and coats. Very nice nails!!! So talented! :D Hope you have a fab weekend Maria. :D

  5. Thanks girls! ♡ I really like this time of year for all the colors!

    Lots of Love
    ♡ M ♡

  6. Your nails are gorgeous, how did you get them so neat?!x


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