Monday, 5 September 2011

Tips For Healthy Hair!

Isn't it every girl's dream to have long and healthy Mermaid-like hair!? Long, flowing, beautiful hair? Well, it is for me and I wanted to share some of my tips that got my hair to be super healthy and grow long fast!
The above picture is what my hair looks like. It was French Braided, which is why it looks wavy. (Sorry for the darkness of the picture, it was taken at dust while I was vacationing at the Lake.) With these tips, I hope that your hair can become the healthy-est it has in years!

Tips For Healthy Hair:
1.  DO NOT wash your hair everyday. This may seem gross to some people, but it is harmful to your hair to wash it everyday. Your hair needs the natural oils from your hair. Try washing your hair every second or third day.
2. Use as little heat products as possible. This includes thing like:
-Hair Dryers
- Flat Irons
-Curling Irons
-Heated Curlers....ect. 
If you HAVE to use heated products, make sure they are ceramic (ceramic does not damage you hair as much as cheap metal ones). Also always remember to use a good heat protector to protect your hair!
3. Try to avoid damage by:
-Wearing your hair in messy buns : these can cause split ends
-Flat ironing your hair everyday (or often)
-"Frying" your hair in any way

A few extra tips:
-Air dry your hair or use cool air to dry your hair when wet (eg. A fan, or use the cool setting on you blow dryer)
-French braid your hair or wear your hair natural often
-Always use a heat protector 
-Buy a flat & curling irons that are ceramic - not metal
-Deep condition your hair once a week
-Buy shampoo & conditioner for dry and/or damaged hair
- Try to get shampoo that it sulfate-free, this is more better for your hair
- Trim your hair regularly, this will prevent split ends or will trim them off and not make them worse

Following these tips / tricks will help your hair. I only flat iron my hair when I absolutely have to. I have been French Braiding my hair for almost a year and a half, hardly flat ironing my hair, and it has grown SO much! 
If any of these tips work for you, or you plan on using some of these tips let me know how they work for you! I love comments :)



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