Monday, 10 October 2011

Halloween Nail Art Series: Spider Web & First Video!

This is my first post for my Halloween Nail Art Series! For this post I did something different; I made a video for all you girls to see how I do my nails. I'm proud of it, and I hope everyone enjoys the video! Let me know! I put a lot of time into it lol. 
Now to the movie:


If this video doesn't work, here is the link:
(sorry my hair kept getting in the way haha)

The things that I did change were the color of the spider, I changed the color to black which made it look better. It is also my first video I created, so it is not perfect! Haha, but I hope as I do more they will get better :)
I would love to hear what you girls think of my video and if you got any ideas for other Halloween designs let me know :)

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Thanks to everyone who have been commenting, your comments mean soooo much to me! :)
Lots of love!
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  1. Maria, girl your video was AWESOME!!! You had a spinning title, various MUSIC, gorgeous closing that displayed your blog. Girl, you are a PRO! LOVE IT!!! Omg and those spider web nails are awesome CHICadee! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Awesome tutorial video. Do a YouTube channel that people can subscribe to and locate all your videos. You probably have already! TWO THUMBS UP FOR YOU!!! :D

  2. Thanks soooo much for your wonderful comment! It means so much to me :D
    I am considering doing a youtube channel, I will have to see how my other videos turn out :)
    Again thanks so much! ♡♡

    ♡ M

  3. ilove the halloween tutorial

    I was wondering if you wanted to follow each other!

  4. thanks for the follow and following you back!

  5. this is awesome. ive been meaning to do nails, this is inspring although i have horribly shaky hands and it will look so much worser on me! haha

  6. How amazing! What a great video, I love it! I am obsessed with nails too, think I might have to try this! :)

    Nicole Marie

  7. I always thought I was horrible at doing my nails, but you just got to practice practice practice! :) And the more you practice the better you will get! :)
    Thanks for your comments ♡

    ♡ M xox

  8. Hi!! :)
    I really like your blog,
    I follow you :D !
    ... maybe if you have time, you could visit my blog too, and if you like it, follow me back ;)


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