Sunday, 2 October 2011

Fall Wishlist ♡

I have never done a wishlist post before, but I have some things in mind that I wanted so I figured I'd share my top 10 things with you guys! Make sure to look at all of them! Some are really good!   ^.^

1.  Chanel Earrings . I absolutely love these earrings! I want them soo badly! Lol. I am planning on getting them soon, just got to save up a few more dollars and they will be mine! Can't wait :)

2.  Rose Russo by Chickaboom ( 15 PRO Eyeshadow Palette. Some of you may be familiar with a wonderful guru on youtube Rose Russo. She is known on youtube as rosebud143. Definitely check out her page! The eyeshadow palette she created is this one, the 15 PRO palette. The colors are gorgeous, I want one soo bad!

3. Jemma Kidd's eye shadow in Urban. This yellow-gold eyeshadow is such a wonderful color. I am currently obsessed with gold eyeshadows, so I would love this one!

4. MAC paint pot Rubenesque.  This is a warm bronze tone that also looks like a dual-tone color. This color is would also be perfect color for Fall because of the warm bronze color. The swatches make the color look amazing!

5. Boot Wedges. The picture above shows the boots that I want. Omg, I cannot explain how bad I want boots like these! They seem to be super popular right now, I see everyone with them. These are going to be the next boots I buy, because they are sooo gorgeous!!

6. Blue Anchor Belly Button Ring. This coming Wednesday I am going to get my belly button pierced! I am soo excited, but also kind of nervous. (I will post a pic of it Wed night!) When it has healed, I want a ring like this. I know it is a summer ring, but I love it soo much that I would  wear it anyways! :)

7.  High Heel Platforms. This is just another pair of heels that I and dying to get! I love the style of these heels, the buttons (or whatever they are) give the heels a very unique look. Just another pair of heels that I love! :)

8. Kate Middleton's White Coat. This coat that Kate has is one that I really want! It is such a simple coat, but looks soo chic at the same time! I told my parents that I want this coat as a Christmas gift! :)

9. Breda Women's Meryl Rhinestone Bezel Watch. What a cute watch right?? Again, something that I love and want soo bad! I love this watch because it is so simple but still looks amazing!

Last, but not least...
10. OPI Axxium Gel Nail Kit. AS you all know, I love doing my nails. What I want is a UV gel nail kit so I can do gel nails at home! I want this OPI kit. When I get gels, I found that the OPI gel stays on the longest, doesn't lift/ get air bubbles, and has a very bright color. I love nails, and getting a kit like this would be a great investment. I may even have to open up my own salon! :)

I hope that I will be able to get all these items on my wishlist!
What are you guys wishing for?? Let me know! :)

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...::M  xox


  1. cute picks they had a really similar coat like this at Charlotte Russ super cheap!
    xo Jenn

  2. Hi M,
    I loved your wish list. I have the same taste. I love love Kate's style and her jackets are always so elegant.

    Take care,

  3. I'll take those Chanel earrings! HAHAHA Great stuff girl! :D
    SassyUptownChic xoxo Kim

  4. Thanks girls♡! I love hearing that some of you have the same taste as me! :)

    1. Would you happen to know how much the Chanel Earrings actually cost?

  5. Great wish list!Love the Chanel earrings!

  6. thx 4 ur sweet comment.. come and visit me soon:)



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