Sunday, 25 November 2012

My Tattoos & The Story Behind Them!

Hey Loves!
I know I have been MIA from my blog again for awhile, but life is so busy for me, so please bear with me and dont forget about my blog! :)
Anyways, if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@simplychicxox) you would have seen that about 2 weeks ago I went in to get some tattoos! When I turned 18 in September I started planning out when I would be getting my tattoos that I have wanted to get for so long!
I drew up some sketches of what I would want my tatts to look like and brought them into my tattoo atrist and booked a appointment. Originally I was suppose to get my tattoos on 2 different days, however there were some change in plans and I had to change my appointment to get both tatts on the same day.
On the day of getting them, I was freaking out, not knowing what to expect. I knew that they would hurt, especially since I was getting them on my foot and ribs - the 2 most painful spots.
When he started, oh man it hurt so much! I dont have a very high pain tolerance either so it was pretty hard for me, but I got through it and I was actually suprised that I did way better then I thought I would have, and I didnt cry! haha.

What alot of people have been wondering is what are the meanings behind my tattoos. I honestly believe that if you are going to get a tattoo it should have a meaning or story behind it, and mean alot to you.
The tattoo on my foot I wanted to get since I was 16. I got the idea of the rosary ankle bracelet actually from Nicole Richie, but as I got closer and closer to getting my tattoo and drawing it out I added my own story/meaning to it. For the rosary, I have grown up in a Catholic family, so getting a rosary on my body was pretty self explanitory. I added the word "strength" because with everything that I have been through in my life I have need to have strength to get through it. The dove symbolized love, peace and grace and touching the dove is a small heart.
Even though this is a big tattoo, I am so in love with it and am so happy with the way it turned out.
For my second tattoo, I got on my ribs. This one says "I am free" with some birds flying away. Again, I am soooo in love with how this turned out. "I am free" has a long-ish story behind it. Since I was young, specifically starting in grade 2, I have always been bullied - since the young age of being in grade 2 (about age 8) until I graduate last year (age 17) so almost 10 years of being bullied so I have been though alot in my life. But one thing that I never forgot was that one day I will be free from all this pain. I was originally going to get "I will be free" tattooed, but I thought that one day I will be free from all this pain and that is what I am looking forward to - being free. The birds in my tattoo just symbolize the freedom. I havent really told anyone about the meaning of this tattoo, since it is a pretty touchy subject with me. But all I know is that the more I talk about it, the more I will be able to see that I am getting closer and closer to being free from the pain of being bullied all my life.
I know some people may not like my tattoos, or think that they are not meaningful, but to me they are and I dont care what other people think about my tattoos, beacuse they are on my body and mean alot to me.
If you have a idea of something that is really meaningful to you, and you would want it tattooed on your body, then I would say yes go for it because I think tattoos are very beautiful and meaningful pieces of art that you can display for the world, but they would also be so close to you - being that they are on your body.
I hope you all liked this post, and I hope it wasnt too lengthy! Let me know what you think about my tattoos and what you think about getting tattoos in general! :)


  1. the meanings behind your tattoos are beautiful! i'm so happy for you!

    -ariel* xoxo

  2. They are both beautiful and the meanings behind them are beautiful as well. I really admire your strenght and don't ever lose it. You must always believe in yourself and never let anyone put you down. :)

  3. I adore your tattoos and the meanings are so lovely, as Barby said, never let anyone bring you down, you're beautiful inside and out and don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise!

    Love you girlie! xo


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