Monday, 22 October 2012

New hair!

Hey girlies!
So sorry I haven't posted in a while, life has just been super busy lately! I hope to have some more posts up soon and even some Halloween tutorials too!

Lately I've been debating whether I want to color my hair white blonde or go for a huge change and go brown.
I decided that I'll try colouring my hair white blonde and then go dark if I want to, rather than trying to lift my hair back to blonde if I didn't like it.
So this weekend I put a whole day aside to work on my hair.
I bought a highlighting cap, bleach, and developer from Sally's and decided to take on this job of going white blonde!
It took me 3.5 hours from start to finish, but it was all totally worth it!
I love my hair right now and think that I might want to stay white blonde for some time still.


Some of the products that I used were:

-Clairol Professional Blue Kaleidocolors Bleach Powder
-Salon Care 30 Volume Clear Developer
-Salon Care Highlighting Cap
-Colortrack Highlighting Brush

I thought I would include a before/ after pic of my hair. The before picture was in the summer, so that is why I look so tanned in it!

How do you think it turned out??

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