Thursday, 6 September 2012

TAG!: What's On My iPhone?!

Hey Girls!
Today I have a fun non-beauty related tag for you! Lately alot of gurus on Youtube have been doing this tag called Whats On My iPhone? Watching these videos for people who have smart phones are really interesting because you get to see what different apps everyone uses! After watching some of these videos I actually downloaded some of the apps to try for myself!
Since I have a iPhone, I thought it would be cool to do one of these posts/videos! Ill link the Youtube video I made down below so you guys can watch it too!
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So now lets get right to the post!
So first off I thought I would show you what case I use for my phone. It is this SUPER cute black case with diamonds and flowers on the back. I got this at Urban Planet, and love it soooo much! I dont use this case all the time, so I dont lose some of the decals on the back.
So when you first look at the lock screen of my phone, you will see this picture of me and my friends as the wallpaper. Nothing too special on the lock screen, just the time and date as well.
When you open my phone, the first page of my phone looks like this. Nothing too special. On this first page I like to keep most of the apps that came with my phone on this page. I think this page is pretty self explanatory so I dont think I will go into detail with this page.
On my second page, I have the apps that I use alot of the time. So from left to right, I have my Facebook app that I use for my personal account, my Twitter app that I use to let all of you know about my blogging, I have my skype app, then this cool app called Shazam. What it does is it will listen for a song on the radio or whatever, and tell you the name of the song! This is such a handy app that I use when I dont know a name to a song. One the next row I have my emails for my blog, this app called My Fitness Pal that is like a workout/eating diary, then I have sleep/alarm clock app, and then of course my blogging app so I can work on post while I'm out! And on the last row I have my reminders, which is a workout video app, and then this cool app that I just downloaded called Period Diary. It keeps track and counts down the days until your next period. I think its pretty cool and cant wait to try it.
On my last page I have my 3 folders with my gaming/entertainment/utilities apps. I also have my Starbucks app, Instagram, and 2 radio station apps from my city so that I can listen to the radio where ever I am! On this page you also get a better view of my background picture which is of me and my boyfriend Colton :)
In my games folder I have a variety of games. I dont always play these games, but they are here just in case I ever get bored! The games that I have are: Fruit Ninja (soo fun!), Cake Ninja, Unblock Me, Temple Run, Angry Birds (another addicting game!), Sally's Salon, Family Feud, Planet Fish, Miss Spider, Hell's Kitchen, Icebreaker, and Paper Toss. Some of these are kids games (as you can tell haha) that are just on here for fun.
In my Entertainment folder I have a variety of apps. I first have IMDB which is a movie searching app to see actors/actresses and reviews and pictures of movies. I have this Cineplex app which is to see what movies are playing at the theaters in my city, I then have a few more games: Tap Tap Revenge, Draw Something, Finger Race, and then some funny entertainments apps like FML, Blonde Jokes (yes! haha), and Truth or Dare. I then have my game center app, and the smart phone messenging app Kik.
In my last folder I have all my utilities such as my calculator, Pic Jointer which is for collaging pictures, Pixlromatic which is this cool editing app for pictures that I just downloaded which is amazing!! I also have PE-Fotolr which is another picture editing app, as well as Insta eFREE, I then have a iTorch flashlight app, RMaker which is to make your own ringtones from songs from your music library!, and then I have just some other random apps like my compass, voice memos, and stocks! 
I hope you all enjoyed this post and video! And if any of you have a iPhone I tag you to do this post/video as well!
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