Tuesday, 26 June 2012

DIY Hair Extensions!

Hey girlies!
As I have promised, I have a post on how I made, yes made, my hair extensions! They were actually really easy to make, I was able to customize them to how I want them to fit on my head, and I did save some money too! So I you want to find out how I made them just keep reading!

So first off to make these you will need the following things:
- 100% Real Human Hair
- Snap Clips
- Thread
- Sewing Needle

I purchased the snap clips and hair at Sally's. I picked up 2 packs of 3 snap clips (depending on how wide your wefts will be will decide on how many clips you will need) and the hair was also purchased at Sally's. I got the color to match the brown low lights that I already have in my hair, since I only wanted them for length. I got the hair for about $85 CDN, and it was definitely worth it because you get soooo much hair, and the color matches perfectly!

Look at all that hair! And this is folded in 2!

To make the extensions:
- After carefully taking the hair out of the package, you want to decide what part of your hair you will want the extensions to fit to. Once you chose the spot you will take one end of the hair and measure it across the area of your hair where you want the extension to be.
- After measuring the area grab the part of the hair where you want it to end and remove it from your head, then you can fold it over so the hair is doubled. Once it is double, you can cut the hair.

- At this point you will need your needle and thread, you can start sewing the pieces of hair together.

- Once the hair is sewn together, take the snap clips and line them across the hair. On my wider weft I used 3 clips, and 2 clips on my smaller weft. When you decide how many clips you will need start sewing them onto the top of the hair. For this step make sure you sew over the clips 2-4 times so the clips dont fall off from the hair.

- Once you have finished sewing the clips to the weft, you are finished! There will be plenty of hair left to make many more wefts. I only made made 2 wefts and I still have a ton of hair left over!

This is what they look like on me! They match the color of the brown that I already have in my hair! 

 Hope this helps some of you girls! If you make some of these extensions make sure to comment below or tweet me a picture! Remember my twitter is @simplychicxox :)

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  1. They look stunning! Definitely going to try this the next time I get extensions, it was £15 extra for them to sew the clips in for me! xo


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