Friday, 11 May 2012

Eyes Open - EOTD ♡

Hey girlies!
Today I wore this pinky-sparkly eyeshadow to school to match my outfit and I wanted to share this spring eye look with you girls! This is now one of my favourite colors to wear on my eyes this spring because it makes my eyes fresh and "wide awake" looking. This is the eyeshadow that I got when I was in Europe in Venice at a place called Kiko.

The only thing I do recommend with this eyeshadow is that you use a good primer. I used E.L.F.'s Shimmer palette as a primer, and by the end of the school day the shadow began to crease. Otherwise I love this shadow!

What Im Wearing:
- Covergirl Clean Liquid Foundation
- Physicians Formula Bamboo Bronzer
- Aziza Blush
- Maybelline XXL Mascara
- Annabelle Kohl Eyeliner

Clothing/ Accessories:
- Top: H&M (Florence Italy)
- Feather Earrings: H&M (Florence Italy)
- Diamond Earrings: Ardene

Hope you all have a great and safe weekend!


  1. I lovee this e/s !

    Great post!!
    xx Sherviii
    Im subbed to your blog feel free to check out mines:

  2. this is really pretty and looks great on your eyes! definitely makes them pop! :)

    -ariel* xoxo

  3. This is lovely! I love the eyeshadow! xo

  4. Thanks so so much girls! Your comments make my day :)
    xoxo Maria <3

  5. I have been looking for a similar color to place all over my lids but I cant find anything that looks so pretty.your feather earrings are gorgeous:)


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