Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Spring Wishlist #1 - Dresses & Skirts

Ciao, Bella!
For those who don't know what that means, it means hello beautiful in Italian! In just over 20 days me and my sister are taking a trip with our school to France and Italy for 10 days at Easter! I am getting so exicted for this trip, and I have to get working on learning some French and Italian words! Funny thing is that I am half Italian, but I hardly know any Italian words...haha.

Anyways, yesterday Chloe posted a spring and summer wishlist on her blog (click here to see it!) and it got me inspired to make a spring wishlist too! This will be the first of many wishlists I post since I am in need of some pastel and bright spring colors!

So lets get to it!

Bodycon Floral Lace Mesh Dress
$16.99 - Urban Planet

I wanted to start out with this super cute floral dress. Spring, I think, is the perfect time to wear any type of flower prints which is why this dress stood out so much to me. The would pair this with any pink-y color flats or heels to bring out the pink from the dress.

Lace Tutu Dress
$16.99 - Urban Planet
As I was looking at dresses, I first just scrolled by this dress, not really interested in it, but as I passed it again there was something that stuck out about this dress that I really like. Maybe that it is so different but also really girly and sweet looking. I don't know, but I like it haha. With this dress you could really pair it with color and it would look great!

One Shoulder Ponte Dress
$14.50 - Forever 21
This is such a simple dress, but it is super cute! I love how it is one shoulder, because it gives a  different style to this dress. I also really love the color! I would pair this dress with some nude or white heels or flats.

Sstriped Boat Neck Dress
(Sale) $11.90 - Forever 21
I am in love with this dress so much! I really think it is because of the colors. They just say spring/summer all over it. I love how in the picture, the model is wearing a blue purse. It would be a little out of my comfort zone, but I would definately pair this dress with some blue flats or heels that are like the color of that purse!

Multi Color Stripe Mini Skirt
$12.99 - Stitches
This is such a fun skirt! It has a bunch of fun summer colors which makes it super cute. For a top, this skirt would be able to be paired with any of the colors in it, or even a black or white top would be super cute too. As for shoes, you could pick any color from the shirt and wear heels / flats of that color.

Tribal Print Skirt
 $9.99 - Stitches
And last but not least, I am IN LOVE with tribal print pieces. So when I saw this skirt, I was like I want it! haha. And on top of that, it it super cheap too! I have so many tribal print tops in my closet, so a tribal print skirt is the next thing I would want! I actually like how it is shown on the model - with dark tights and a grey top. I would pair this with either orange or blue flast or heels to carry out the colors in the skirt!

And that is my first spring wish list!
What do you think? Which is your favourite?


  1. Yay so glad I inspired you! :D
    I love the lace dress and one shouldered dress - too cute! :) xxx

  2. i love all of them! I am obsessed with fourth one tho!!! love!

    -ariel* xoxo


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