Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Natural Spring Makeup, Featuring My Sister!

Hello Loves!
Today I have a natural everyday spring makeup look! This is one that I actually did on my sister, Julia, the other day! Doing my sister's makeup was actually fun and easy! Maybe I'll start doing it on more people more often! :)

To create this look, I used my E.L.F 100 Shadow Palette, and I used very neutral brown and pinkish colors. The dark brown that I used on her outer "V" I brought down onto her lower lashline. I skipped eyeliner on the bottom on her eyes, and just used it on her top lid winging it out a little. To finish the look, a generous amount of mascara.

And there you go! A simple and natural look perfect for spring! This would be a perfect look to wear out during the day, or to wear to school/ work since it has light colors that are natural and don't give a harsh look to your eyes.

Is natural makeup something you wear alot?

Good Luck ,


Thanks so much for your comment! Mwah♡