Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Getting Ready for V-Day Nails!

Hiii Loves!
I can't believe Valentine's Day is in a week! Do you know who your Valentine is going to be this year?? And if you don't have one, dont sweat it! Valentine's is not the only day of the year where you have to be all mushy, there are 364 more days of the year to do that ;) haha.

Today I have for you some nail art that I did to get ready for Valentine's. I tried to do my nails like this picture, however they didn't turn out quite the same.


Here is how mine turned out:

They arn't as good as I hoped they would be, but I'm not going to complain since I did get alot of compliments on them :)

Are you ready for V-Day yet!? Got a special someone who is going to be your Valentine??

(If you want to know any of the nail polish brands or colors just ask and I'll let ya know :))

Stay Beautiful,

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  1. those are so pretty!! perfect for valentine's day, you're so talented!!


  2. Thanks Ariel!! <3 You are too with the nails you do! :)
    xox, Maria

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  4. All the nail art is very pretty =)

  5. The colors and glitter are great, a perfect way to ring in V-day!

  6. Very cute!! Good job, they are super fun.

    Nicole Marie

  7. oh wow! this is the most amazing thing i think i've ever seen in my life.. LOVE <3 xxx

  8. Thanks girls! You are too kind :) you're making me blush! ;p

    xox, Maria

  9. Your nails are so pretty <3 I followed your blog :) Check out my blog @ http://makeupforview.blogspot.com !!

  10. too cute!!! loved it!!!



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