Thursday, 16 February 2012

11 Question Tag!

Hii Ladies!
I was tagged by Chloe and Ariel from and to do this tag. Alot of girls have been doing this tag lately, so now it's my turn!

The rules

- Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog
- Choose eleven people to tag and link them on the post
- Go to their page and tell them
- No tag backs

Eleven things about me

- My #1 obsession is fashion, beauty, and nails!
- I recently started taking art again, which I am super exicted about
- I live in Canada, and actually like the snow! (hint: snow, not cold temperatures haha)
I Have made so many new friends over blogging, and I feel like they are now really good friends of mine! :)
- My favourite colour is purple or pink!
- I am into sports, including track, which I love so much!
- I'm currently in grade 12, and planning on going either too University or Beauty school in the fall.

- I am obsessed with twitter! - no lie.. its ridiculous haha (follow me! @simplychicxox )
- I have been a vegitarian for about a year now!
- I got the iPhone 4s a few weeks ago and I am loving it! (which helps me tweet alot ;) lol)
- My favorite thing to do is listen to music and be on my laptop :)


- What is your favourite makeup brand?
This one is hard, I would have to say Maybelline or Covergirl for low end, and Sephora or MAC for high end

- High street or designer clothes?
I like both! I would love to always buy designer but they are expensive. I think highstreet is definitely the more practical oand affordable option.

- What is your favourite movie?
Just Go With It - soooo funny! or The Last Song, Black Swan, or any of the newer Bring It On's!

- Where do you buy the majority of your clothes from?
Mainly Stitches / Urban Planet. We dont have amazing stores where I live, which kind of sucks.
- What is your makeup essential?
Eyeliner/ Mascara and Bronzer!

- You are stuck on an Island what do you bring with you?
Ooooh not sure!

- What is your wardrobe staple?
Tanks and Lululemon Pants ;p

- How do you organise you makeup?
I keep my everyday stuff in a make up bag on my counter and stuff that I dont use on a regular basis in some drawers

- Quiet village or buzzing city?
Definitely the city!

- Do you buy fashion magazines? If so what is your favourite?
Yes. I like Seventeen ( not really fashion haha) also Lou Lou and vouge :)

Continuing the tag

Hope you enjoyed!


  1. Thank you for tagging me! I love Just Go With It - such a funny movie! :)

    Hannah xx

  2. such a great tag, so glad you did it! :)


  3. Yes I enjoyed doing it :)
    Xox, Maria


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