Thursday, 3 November 2011

Sephora Tender Pink Shadow ♡

Hi Ladies!Wow have I ever been busy, especially today! At school today, I had a oral presentation, a quiz, an exam, and a major project due, so I havnt has time to post anything new yet! But today I have a post about a wonderful shadow that I just recently bought from Sephora!

This past weekend, my friend came into town and we went shopping to Sephora, which just recently opened in my city. When I walked in I was literally like this is makeup Heaven! Haha, it was wonderful! While my friend bought a makeup palette, I purchased the most wonderful eyeshadow I have ever seen! I got one of the Colorful Mono Eyeshadows in the Sephora Collection in the color Tender Pink.

When describing this beautiful color, the best fit discription would be that it is a frosty light pink color with silver glitters. This is my first Sephora eyeshadow, but the Ladies working there told me that their Mono Eyeshadows have the perfect, combination of brilliant color, an easy-blending formula, and endless versatility that will give your eye-makeup a show-stopping effect! I was told that to create a dazzling look, after priming your lids, to apply the color dry for a natural vibe or dampen your brush and apply wet for a sophisticated look. I have tried using the wet formula and I know from expierence that this way really works to make your eyeshadows pop!

I took 2 different swatches of the shadow to see the beautiful color :)

This first picture was taken under darker light with no flash, and you can see the frosty color here.

This picture was taken under a brighter light with a flash on. Here you can really see the frosty light pink color and the silver glitters. I think I am in love! Haha.
This shadow was $16 CDN, and it was worth it!
I will hopefully do a review and tutorial with this color very soon! :)

What is your favorite eyeshadow brand and/or color?

Love to hear from you girls!
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Lots of Love


  1. SO pretty very pigmented

    xo Jenn

  2. what a beautiful winter shade!! love this!! I love frosty colours in the winter time <3

    LoveFaye xoxo

  3. Great color, I think I have a similar one somewhere in the abyss of my makeup collection haha. I would love to see a tutorial or review on this! :)

    xx Jessica

  4. Very pretty colour for winter!

    Gabby <3

  5. Love this, it'd make a lovely highlight :)


  6. Beautiful color!!
    Have a nice weekend!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela

  7. That's pretty but seems overpriced. Do you prefer it over MAC, UD, or MUFE?

  8. I never thought of it, but this shadow is def a festive and wintery shade, and would also be great as a highlight!
    Glad all you girls like it! :)


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