Saturday, 15 October 2011

Cover Girl & Physicians Formula Haul

Hi Girls!
I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! So far I am enjoying mine, although all it is really consisting of is working and homework for school. On the other hand the weather is turning and it is now pretty chilly, hopefully there will still be some warm fall weather before it starts snowing! 

Two or so weeks ago I went looking for some makeup products for the rest of fall. I went to a local beauty store, and they had some wonderful sales they had going on. Some things were already pickedd over, but I did get a few goodies for an amazing price! I purchased a lot of Physicians Formula makeup, as well as some Cover Girl products. Physicians Formula makeup can be a bit pricey, however I got wonderful deals on some of the items!
Items purchased:

Physicians Formula:
  Mineral Wear Loose Powder (Talc-Free) in Translucent Light and Translucent Medium ♔ Circle RX Circle Control Concealer (with Avec Haloxyl) in Fair Light and Natural Light
Gentle Cover Concealer Stick (Hypo-allergenic) in Yellow (to cover undereye circles)
Organic Wear 2-in-1 Bronzer & Blush in Bronzer/Rose
Mineral Wear Blush (Talc-Free) in Pink Glow
Bamboo Wear Conditioning Bronzer Refill in Medium Bronzer

Cover Girl:
  Clean Sensitive Skin Liquid Foundation (Fragrance & Oil Free, Hypo-allergenic) in Warm Beige
Eye Enhancers Eyeshadows in Shimmering Sands and Golden Sunset
Face Products
Bronzers & Blushes
Eye Products

I am exicted to try all these products and will probably be doing little reviews on them throughout the months and when I feel like its time to review them :)

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Lots of love!


  1. I've heard nothing but good things about Physician's Formula. Glad you got some great deals and having a wonderful weekend! :D

  2. Great haul! I have never tried PF products but have always wanted to try their bronzers they look awseome!

  3. Great haul! I have never tried PF products but have always wanted to try their bronzers they look awseome!

  4. great haul!! i never tried those brands yet...

  5. Awesome haul! I love Covergirl but have never tried those products!
    I'm a official follower of your blog! check out my blog sometime <3

    LoveFaye xoxo

  6. eeek so jealous of these brands haha!
    why can't they come over to the UK?!?!


  7. Great stuff love!! xo


  8. Physician's Formula makes really awesome bronzers! :) They are def a little pricier but I love when they have those buy one get one free deals!

  9. Thanks for your comments ♡ and love these projects so far!

    ♡ Lots of Love ♡


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