Monday, 12 September 2011

TAG: Fall Loves

I am doing a tag that my friend Ariel ( posted that Macbarbie07 on Youtube recently created. This tag has a variety of fun questions about fall and Halloween! So here are my Fall Loves! 

Top 5 Makeup Items:
As you can see I had to add a lot of eye makeup. First is Maybelline XXL PRO Extensions Mascara. I absolutely love this mascara! It come with a mascara primer and when you apply that it makes your eyelashes super long! 
The NYC Liquid Eyeliner is also amazing. The brush that is in the tube works very well. The eyeliner stays on for 12+ hours with no smudging or flaking! It also does not run easily.
The bronzer listed is the Physicians Formula Bamboo Silk Bronzer. This bronzer is super silky and has a wonderful natural color to it. It also comes with a lighter color, so your face does not end up being one big orange!
I have to mentions my Joe Fresh Eyeshadows again! I love love love these eyeshadows as I have mentioned before. They are beautiful colors and very pigmented. Cant get enough of them :)
Lastly I am also loving this palette from Ardenz. I have already hit pan with 3 of these colors, but that is because I love these colors. They are perfect neutral colors for fall.
Favorite Hair Product:
As fall and winter are slow but fastly approaching, Mmy hair and skin get so dry in these seasons, so I need to apply a good hair treatment to keep it hydrated. My favorite is the Garnier Fructis Deep Repair Hair Masque. I apply it in the shower after I shampoo about once a week. The directions say to leave it on for 5-10 minutes and then rinse it off. I notice right after I get out of the shower that it really works - and works well too. The smell is also amazing, it is citrus and refreshing.
Favorite Nail Polish:
I almost couldn't have picked one specific polish for fall, I had at almost 10 polishes in mind! The best one I chose for fall is Rimmel London Lasting Finish Pro in Violet. This is a deep vibrant violet color that has a bit of blue to it too. It is an amazing color. I did a nail art design with it last week, and did not want to take it off. The brush to it is super wide and one stroke covers just about your whole nail! It also last super long. It says 10 days, but didn't chip before 6 days!
Favorite Fall Scent:

I love this La Senza Sweet Embrace Body Spray. It has fruity scent but does not remind me of spring fruit but fall fruit. Its a perfect fall sent. I also love the smell of Thanksgiving Dinner. The smell of cooking turkey and its other meals, is just a wonderful smell. 

Most worn accessory:

 My most worn accessory is big chunky jewellery! I love big necklaces, especially owls, and big rings! Ive been wearing them a lot lately and love the funky style that they give to any outfit. If you don't have some of these big jewellery pieces, go and get some! :)

Most worn clothing item:
Lululemon Pants! I wear these so often its ridiculous. I do sports a lot so I am used to wearing athletic pants. I don't have any pair in particular, but they just look great with most flats, booties/boots. 
Who is my Fall Style icon?

My fall fashion style icon is Demi Lovato. Ever since her single skyscraper came out, I have been in love with her. I find Demi to be just an inspiration to me, and I feel I can relate to her seeing how the struggles that she had, have affected me as well. 

I love the style that Demi has in her Skyscraper music video. The feather hair extensions, chunky jewellery, and cross earrings. I love the way that she wears them, so my fall style icon is most definitely Demi Lovato.  
You are going to a corn maze, what do you wear?
  The outfit that I would wear would be this cute top from Bluenotes, Lululemon Pants, and Purple Toms to bring out the purple in my shirt. Toms are not only in style and cute, but they are super comfortable! Depending on what the weather is like, you can always wear a black cardigan with this cute outfit!
What is your favorite Halloween movie?
Still to this day I do not watch scary/ horror movies. I have had bad experiences in the past watching them so I am going to pick a cute kids Halloween movie. 
  Winnie the Pooh Frankenpooh is such a cute Halloween movie, and still to this day I can still remember watching it every Halloween as a kid!
What is your favorite Halloween candy?
I don't have a favorite Halloween candy since I do not eat candy or chocolate, but the Halloween chocolate I like as a kid was the Crunchie chocolate bars. :)
What are you being for Halloween?
That is a very good question! I don't know exactly what I want to be, but I have an idea of a female sailor or a pin-up like girl something like this: 
 I think this is a cute costume to wear! What do you guys think?
Let me know, or got some great ideas? I would love to hear them! :)
And that's the end of this Fall Loves tag! This was really fun to do, and I challenges all my followers or anyone else who reads my blog to do this too. I tag you! :)


  1. love the nail polish!! looks so gorgeous!

  2. Great post that nail polish is beautiful! Now following :) xo Jenn

  3. I still have not tried the Crackle polish-I dont know what I am doing?! because I looove it :) Thanks so much for following! Love your blog* By the way-My blog's b/g is from
    They have really cute add-ons for blogs!

  4. thanks girls! :)
    for the crackle nail polish, you should def try it! The instructions vary for each polish on how to apply it (some on wet nails, some on dry) give it a try, im sure you will fall in love with it! :)



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