Friday, 16 September 2011

See My Collection: Basic Eyeshadows

Hey Guys! I wanted to share my basic eye shadows to you guys! I'm sure I don't have as many eye shadows like some of you guys, but here is what my collection looks like!

These shadows listed above are my Joe Fresh Shadows. They were $4 CDN each. I think these are a really good buy, I absolutely love them! My favorite color is Gold Rush, it is such a beautiful shimmery color golden color!

Here are all my Rimmel Eyeshadows. These shadows are very good quality, and are very pigmented! The color Silver Moonlight is such a beautiful silver color, and its soo bright and very pigmented! The color Post Punk is a creme shadow. It is a really sweet color, and fun to use!

Sorry this picture is the wrong way! Lol! But these are my "odd ball" eyeshadows or randoms. The ones that I like the most here are the Victoria Secret  Liquid Eyeliners. They are soo nice and sparkly! The can make any makeup look amazing!!

These are all my small palette eyeshadows. I have other big pallets that I did not mention. Let me know what are your favorite eyeshadows & products!
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  1. nice! what brand are those makeup palettes? and I want to try some Joe eye shadows, they sound awesome!

  2. I think they are The Color Workshop, or something like that. I got them soo long ago!
    And you should try the Joe eyeshadows, They defiantly are awesome :)

  3. I Nominated you for a Blog Award!! :) Check out my blog for more details!

  4. great post! I love eyeshadow :]

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