Saturday, 24 September 2011

Emmy Dress Hits & Misses ♡

Well the Emmy Awards may have been a week ago, but I want to go through who's dresses were hits, and who's were misses! I didn't go through everyone's dresses, I just went through a few.

Lets first start with the misses... 

1. Christina Hendrick

This dress is definitely a miss for me.  I don't know what The color is not right for her, it is way too light, and she is showing too much cleavage too. This dress is just not right. 

2. Katie Holmes 

This is another dress that is a miss for me. The dress does nothing for her. It looks way to big, and looks very uncomfortable...not moveable at all. Sorry Katie, usually I like your style, but this dress nope. 

3. Gwyneth Paltrow

I don't know what is happening with this dress, but to me it looks like a disaster. The color is not right at all for her, and the cut in the dress ?? : that's what I say. Sorry but this is a really big mess.

These 2 dresses are neither a hit or miss...

1. Diana Agron
Now I absolutely love Diana, she is so pretty and I love her style. However, this dress on her is another story. I don't think that the color is the right one for her, and the style looks horrible on her! Usually she looks really good, but this time not so much. Sorry Diana, I love you, but not as much in this dress!

2. Kate Winslet 
This dress on Kate isn't a miss, but it is defiantly not a hit. I just think that it is not the best style for her. Everything else on her looks not that bad, but the dress is the thing that does not look the best!

Hits! ♡ 

1. Jane Lynch

I think that this dress looks soo cute on her! The color is neither too bright or too dark. It suits her well. I'm not too crazy about the neckline of the dress, but all in all, it looks very nice!

2. Lea Michele 

I think that this dress looks soo good on her!  The shape of the dress is beautiful too! It hugs her body just right and shows off her curves too. Lea could have done a bit more with her hair, but with everyone looking at her wonderful dress, her hair is not the first thing to be noticed. I love it Lea :)

3. Nina Dobrev

OMG! I am in love with this dress!!! I think that she looked the best! Her hair look so nice even though it is not overly fancy. The dress hugs her body just right, and with the small train and ruffles I think that it just works perfectly together! I love this, Nina you look wonderful!  ♡ 

So that's it, who were your hits and misses at the Emmy's? Let me know :)

...: M xox


  1. I love all of the red dresses on the hits. Very classic.

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  3. Nina Dobrev is definitely my favorite!

  4. I have to agree that Nina was the best, she is my favorite! :)

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